Reasons Why Traveling to Borneo is a Great Idea

Florida, Mexico, and the Caribbean are very popular places to go on vacation these days. It seems that whenever someone is going on vacation they are going to one of these three places. If you are getting sick of the same old vacation to these places year after year then you should look to Borneo for your new vacation spot. The island of Borneo has many great features and attractions that will allow you to have a great vacation. Borneo is different from all those other places that people usually go on vacation. Borneo Travel plans should be in your mind when thinking about where to book your vacation this year.Borneo is the third largest island in the entire world! This island is located around Indonesia and the Philippines. Borneo consists mainly of jungles and mountains. Many of the land surface of Borneo has yet to be explored because of the rugged landscape. Many of the places on the island of Borneo are hard to reach because of the mountains and other obstacles. The jungles are a great attraction to the island because of the wide variety of animals that call Borneo home. Borneo travel plans are sometimes made just because of the jungles and the animals in them.The island of Borneo has a unique history. It really wasn’t explored until around the 1500s by the Portuguese. The island was used much, if at all, for trading purposes, and that’s why the island wasn’t really inhabited. The Spanish also claimed some rights to the island, and both Spain and Portugal owned a shore of the island until modern time. The island is now broken up into three different districts. Don’t worry though, these three districts won’t interrupt your Borneo Travel plans. The island is very accessible.Let me give you a few more facts before you make your Borneo travel plans. The island hosts a variety of different kinds of peoples. The many different kinds of religions that the island of Borneo has gives tribute to its vast array of cultures that are on the island. This means that there will be plenty of great experiences for you on your vacation to Borneo.

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